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When it comes to your property, the foundation may be the most important component; it’s definitely one of the most. If you notice signs of damage, it's time to get your foundation checked out.

Aqua Solutions Basement Waterproofing provides foundation repair service to those in Meadville, PA; Hermitage, PA; Sharon, PA; and all those within a 50-mile radius of Greenville, PA.

Signs your home needs a foundation repair:

Foundation warning signs can be divided up into a few basic categories, windows, doors, and cracks. Repairing a foundation sooner than later can help to prevent any costly repairs in the future. Trust an experienced foundation service to repair the damage properly.

Excessive Water Leaks

Generally, water leaks in the basement mean the foundation is cracked. Water can easily seep in through the cracks. If you start to notice excessive leaks, it's time to get your foundation checked out. Getting it looked at as soon as possible can prevent any further damage. Nonstructural cracks can be easily filled to stop water leaks. But if the cracks are structural, they could be caused by the foundation moving. This means that you’ll need a foundation repair to stabilize the moving foundation.

Concrete Block Walls Bowing

If you notice that your concrete block walls have started to bow, then calling a professional to inspect the foundation is important. Walls can start to bow because of the pressure building up outside of the foundation walls. Waterproofing the basement can help to relieve some of the pressure. A foundation repair will help to secure and straighten out the bowing wall. Wall anchors and steel I-beams can help to straighten and brace the wall from moving any further.

Window and Doors Sticking & Interior Cracks

One of the main warning signs that a foundation is shifting is when windows and doors don’t open and shut correctly. If you notice cracks in sherlock, molding, or in the trim around windows and door – you may need a foundation repair.

Cracks & Gaps Outside the House

Cracked exterior walls are a sign that the foundation is damaged. Having a cracked chimney can also be a sign that the house has settled. If you notice cracks on the exterior walls of your home, contact a professional for a foundation repair.

Sunken Basement or Patio

Sunken basements can be a sign that the foundation is settling. Concrete patios that have begun to sink in are also a clear sign that you may need a foundation repair.

If notice any of these signs, don’t ignore them. Over time, if left unrepaired they can become potentially dangerous and will cost much more to fix. to schedule a foundation repair! We a proud to offer foundation repair services for Meadville, Sharon, Hermitage, PA, and the surrounding communities.

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